Minipleat Cassette Filter

Minipleat Cassette Filter

It is used in pre-filtration and as higher accuracy secondary filters - EU4 (G4), EU5 (F5) EU6 (F6), F7 (F7), EU9 (F9).

The polyester filter medium is produced using minipleat method. The advantage of this type of filters is a large filter area that allows to extend the service life of the filter. These types of filters are produced in the framework of plastic, metal and cardboard –standard and non-standard sizes are available. Thanks to the stable structure and resistance to high temperatures, these filters can operate in harsh conditions without the possibility of damage.

Filters of this type are used in food, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as power plants, hotels, various kinds of machines and many others.

Technical support is provided individually.

In order to find out more about our offer, please provide us with information on:

Minipleat Cassette Filter

  • Width (b)
  • Height (h)
  • Frame thickness (i)
  • Filtration class

If you do not have such information, please call our staff and will certainly help in the selection of filters or visit your company in order to verify the filters.

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