Compact filters

Compact filters

Standard filters of this type are produced in the filtration class F7 - F9. They are used in pre-filtration e.g. preceding accurate filters such as absolute filters or final filters. They are used in ventilation and air conditioning. The filter medium used in the compact filters are nonwoven glass fiber or synthetic produced by Minipleat.

Nonwoven fabric is tightly glued with a stable frame made of plastic allowing to maximize the obsolescence of the filter without damaging it. The advantage of this type of filter is very good flow capacity, absorbency and a large filter area. It is produced in standard and non –standard sizes depending on customer’s needs.

Technical data Compact filter F7 592x592x292 Compact filter F7 592x287x292 Compact filter F9 592x592x292 Compact filter F9 592x287x292
Temperature 80 °C 80 °C 80 °C 80 °C
Filtration efficiency 90 ≤ Em < 95 90 ≤ Em < 95 95 ≤ Em 95 ≤ Em
Nominal output 4700m³//h/m2 1225m³//h/m2 4700m³//h/m2 1225m³//h/m2
Filtering area 18 m² 8,5m² 18 m² 8,5m²
Filtering area 115Pa 115Pa 155Pa 155Pa
Combustibility features Slow-burning Slow-burning Slow-burning Slow-burning
Filtration class F7 F7 F9 F9

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