Pocket filters

Pocket filters are applied in ventilation units, air conditioning, machines and recuperators. They are used in the metal and food industry, production, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, but also for the needs of individual clients, eg. households.

Cassette Filters

It is used in pre-filtration and accurate secondary filtration - EU2 (G2), EU3 (G3), EU4 (G4), EU5 (F5), EU6 (F6), F7 (F7) , EU9 (F9).

Filters for aggregators (recuperators)

We specialize in filters production for recuperators of various kinds. We can offer filters in the form of nonwoven filter fabrics or complete filters in metal, cardboard and plastic frames or sewn on the rod (4-5mm).

Nonwoven filter fabric

Nonwoven fabric, filter mat is used to purify the air in the pre-filtration and secondary filtration. The nonwoven fabric of this type can be used for the production of cassette and pocket filters but also serves as a filter for recuperators, pre-filter for spray booths, ventilation systems or air-conditioning as well as various workplaces.

Absolute filters – HEPA

It is available in class F7 to H14. It is a high-performance filter. It retains pollutants such as fungi cells, bacteria, soot, dust, therefore it is used in manufacturing, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, etc.

Minipleat Cassette Filter

It is used in pre-filtration and as higher accuracy secondary filters - EU4 (G4), EU5 (F5) EU6 (F6), F7 (F7), EU9 (F9).

Compact filters

Standard filters of this type are produced in the filtration class F7 - F9. They are used in pre-filtration e.g. preceding accurate filters such as absolute filters or final filters. They are used in ventilation and air conditioning.

Filters for varnishing services

Over the years, experience gained, as a manufacturer of air filters has helped us in the selection of the filters for industrial coating, body and paint services, production firms or for individual clients.

Grease filters

Filters of this type due to the solid construction have been used, among others, in restaurants, hotels, households, industries, etc. This filter can be produced in a metal frame or aluminum.

Carbon filters

Carbon cassette filter is used to remove odour. As a manufacturer of air filters we produce carbon cassette filters with nonwoven carbon fabric or activated carbon.

Activated carbon

As a leading manufacturer of air filters, we are pleased to offer filters for air and liquid purification based on activated carbon filtration or nonwoven filter fabrics impregnated with activated carbon.

FUN-COIL filters

The filter is used in the pre-filtration. It is made of nonwoven filter fabric which in the form of the sleeve is sewn onto a wired frame. They are mostly used in office buildings, fun-coil units, air conditioners, recuperators.